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 Okay Before you start stalking me.. please wait for the background music to come. If it doesn't start check the little downloa box under you address, thank you!







Hey There! Welcome My Youtube Channel!to SuperAnimationGuy's own personal website! where i'm posting news about my channel and talking about my day and stuff... so it is kinda of a blog... please check the box to the left where it says " About us " you get a little more information about me. And i need valuable information from you too, so please click the left box where it says " Inquiries " see ya late, ALLIGATOR!

                        "Thanks for the coffee"











                                      Hey There!!


Heya  guys! i guess that not many people has checked out this website.. but still, i am planing a new movie on my youtube channel ( ) That inspired me was my old keyboard from my windows 2000. I found an old keyboard, i smashed the keys out and put everything in a bag. The idea is to make an intro to my videos, to make them more proffesional. As you maybe  can understand, my videos are kinda nooby and bad, but i am trying my best and it is a hard work you know.. oh and i added music to my site. You cant hear it because you have to click something above the advertise i think. Oh yeah! HAPPY MIDSUMMER! I will be happy to upload a new message after when i add my video! and please friend request and subscribe me!












                                            Done And Done.


                               Hey ya guys! I just came back from my Animation school. It was nice.. i met a girl there  who was too animation maker. I created two animations with her. The animations is published somewhere in Youtube. I think she was kind of cute. She were at the first time shy, but after a while when we sat next to each other and ate lunch, she started to speak to me. That made me extra happy and i liked her. I think she thougt the same thing about me. Because she always smiled with her bright white theets when she saw me. Everytime when went swimming ( yes there was water near the school ) she putted her things like clothes and cream and stuff next to my. Right now the contact between us is dead.. but we still got MSN. She doesn't Log-on so often.. she gave her number but i lost it. It is kind of sad. That was my story at the animation school.. Happy Summer!


                              I'll Hope The Connections Between Me And You Doesn't Burn Away.

                                                                  Love Gives Inspiration.








                                                              Hey Hey Heey



                                Hello my unvisible fans! just kidding. But i need more people to check out this site..

if you have looked around this site please admit it by clicking the little button to the left that says "Guestbook".  There you can write about things and your day too. It would be very intresting to hear about you too. And you can go there if you have something to say or if you just  need advices or contact. You can contact me via the guestbook to get ideas or good softwares for animations in PC. Sorry i dont have mac.. so i am cant do proffesional animations.. but i am loaded with good free softwares if you need any advice as a begginer. So.. Yeah.. i guess there is nothing to say..  I think there will be some more time for my next animations. I think it is stupid but  my inspiration has run out somehow.. ANYWAY! Stay tuned for newest information and animations! BYE!


                                            More Inspiration, More  Proffesional. 

















                                               Whats up?


       Hey guys! Guess what? nothing.. -.-'              I really wanted to say something exciting.. but i cant.. this Sunday is maybe one of the worst days in my life! It was very boring! For the short story long.. i just sat next to my couch with my laptop and were on Youtube.. From maybe 13.00 - 19.00

just Youtube and chatting with other friends! That is TERRIBLE!  well i hope your weekend will be better !  bye!!


                                           "Thank you For The Fish!"













                                            Ey Dog WAZZUPPP???



i JUST DID ( 5 Minutes ago ) AN ANIMATION! It was not Stop-Motion this time. This time it was a regual animations with the computer. I used a software called "Pencil". It was a nice  Software. I think this weeks text will be short as hell.. but .. yea, Oh yeah! Check out a guy called MeHackPlease! He Pm'ed my and said that i gave him inspiration to his very own lego animation. He tryed to make the same backround as me.. And he succed.. i am happy that me and my population around here is growing.






                               Pot Hot



                  Hey guys! im right now just sitting here.. i just made an animation called " Pure Mess " it is a complicated animation. It has it own meaning. I it very hard to know. I will give you ONE clue. A second chance in life. That is it for today.


                 Many kisses causes flue.








                                             Confuses And Presents isn't a good idea!


                Hey guys! Good news and bad news. Good news: I got a new cool hat! xD i dont know.. it is soo frigging cool!! i wear it like everytime and i wear it while i am in bath and sleeping. It is like my new secret best friend over the summer xDDD. Okay i sound like a no-lifer. But yea.. And the bad news: Confusion is the keyword. I got a friend we have known each other since we were borned.. She is a girl.. She is fun and stuff.. there is sometimes some bad things with her.. she is acting like a bayby and  she is sometimes spoiled and stuff. And there is another girl. I think she is cuter. But she is sometimes mean and rude. But she is special to me. She sais over MSN lthings like: " I miss you so much!! " and stuff. She says that she things of me like 24/7. I do not know if i have to start something with her or do i have to start it whit mu other best friend. What should i choose?  Can you give me an answer dear 13 subscribers? please! i have thinked to start something whit the rude girl. She isnt rude to me but to others.. i dont like that.. i think that the spoiled girl likes me.. if i start something with the other gilr the spoiled girl might get jealous and i dont like that either.. i will get back to you when i get trought this..



                           Too much confusion causes too much sadness.


                                      I am Alex! And good night.








                                 Hello Im Yellow!

         Hey i am going to Finland tomorrow on Monday. Yes the information from my last text. I asked the hard question when she logged in ( the rude girl ) My heart standed still when i asked " Do you want to become more than friends? "  I was waiting for " Yes " but suddenly she logged out! I was mad at her.Before i asked this hard question, i said that i miss her and stuff.. and she was ofcourse like " What?? " But i  think she was scared. If she didnt wanted to be with me, why log out?? Jesus!! Bye!


                                              A fake answer breaks ones  heart.















                                                     Greetings from Finland!!


                    Helloo guys! Im right now in a boat. The boat is going to FINLAND!! This is so much fun! i am hanging around with my friend around here. She isn't feeling so well... =/. She says that she are going to cry. Well.. things are going well around here i guess.. have a good evening!



                                   A Boat Can Create Happ\


























                  Everything is going well.. i am right now in a boat. Nothing else to say.. I Couldnt manage to come on my site because  i didnt have network when i went to a trip to FINLAND. But i talk to you guys later! Bye.


                                   More Suff More Expensive.

















                                                 Credit Yard


                  Hello there! I am right now just sitting around here. My inbox on my Youtube account ( ) is always empty. Now one comment on my videos anymore. Only hacker try to trick me on many websites. I never believe them. Im not going to stop doing animations. But it will take a while before i do a new.

               Got Clay? = Animation









                                          Suddenly a miracle appeard.


                   I am back! Well.. i think so. God! i have to get more ideas for a dramatic ideas.. I mean.. these start titels sucks.... WELL! Anyways, back to the topic. So yerstoday i created a new animation. A 49 secs movie. It is an importent animation. And other good news is that ive got a dog today. God i love him so much! He is like the cutest furriest little bastard on our little sinner planet!! God evening!!


                                          God sent dogs to our planet.





                                        After a long time.


Heya guys. I know that i haven't been writing... I'm sorry but there have been stuff going on these months. For example i started a new school because i didn't like my old school. Okay.. this new school.. it is a very nice one. The students are so nice and so are the teachers. I already have a big connection between the girls of the class and the teachers wich is a great plus. And i am right now getting ready for my trip to China! Yess! I am going to fly to China and meet my old friend. I am not sure when but it is close to the Chinese new year. So i am going to be there two weeks celebrating the great Chinese new year with my friend. Who knows? maybe i get some insipration...well.. i am kinda tired i think i should get some sleep.. I have a long boring Sunday ahead of me... Well.. Merry Christmas And To All From Me Wonderfull New Year.


                      Hope Santa Clause Doesn't Fall Because Of The 100 Packages Of Clay.










                                             Sup Homies!


 I am right now on the schools computer. It's on English class, were supposed to find slogans on the web. The good thing is that we have many computers so you can be on the computer the whole class. Well i hear someone approaching see ya!




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